Dough ~ Week 7, Basics Series (5/31/17)


Making your own pizza dough, breads and pastries at home can be a daunting task. In our Dough class we will show you how approachable it is to make yeasted doughs, scones and pie crusts with a variety of recipes. We will walk through measuring, mixing, hydrating, proofing, rising, punching down, shaping and baking. The chef will help break down the science of baking into easy to understand specifics about the importance of ratios while you learn the basics of doughs.
This evening includes dinner, a logo apron and a set of the recipes to take home.

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Basics Series – Fundamentals of Cooking, $140 per individual class or $800 for 8-week course, 12 person max, 6-9pm

Whether a novice in the kitchen or an accomplished home cook, this series will provide an in-depth look at the basic and fundamental methods and techniques necessary to be confident and excel in the kitchen. From knife skills and mise en place, to roasting and braising, blanching and sautéing, soups and stocks, pastas and doughs, sauces and more. Using farm-fresh ingredients from Chef Malcolm’s own farm, Stone Tree Farm, paired with ingredients from the finest local purveyors, you’ll learn the skills and techniques in this hands-on series to cook with confidence. When we are finished cooking, we’ll sit down together to enjoy the meal we’ve just prepared. You will take home a set of the recipes so you may recreate your experience with family and friends

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