About Us


1 about-usFor a lot of us, it’s hard to think of eating food as something that we do socially or purely for enjoyment. Sometimes we do it alone, in a hurry, or to feel full. Some of my own fondest memories are of harvesting vegetables from my grandfather’s garden and cooking with him, being in the kitchen with my family and friends, and sitting around a table with people I care about long after the meal is done. I think there is very little else in this world better than a satisfying meal with people I care about, good conversation, and good wine. I started Silverado Cooking School to help busy people remember how satisfying this can be.

Simply put, I want people to cook and laugh together. I want strangers to meet in the kitchen and leave as friends. I want people to have more memories of cooking, eating and the relaxation that can come with it.

Whether you cook every day or you never step foot in the kitchen, we will make your experience at Silverado Cooking School a memorable one. Our state-of-the-art space is filled with fruits and vegetables that are grown on our own farm, paired perfectly with amazing ingredients from the finest local purveyors and world-class wines from Napa Valley.

We will do everything we can to make sure your date night out, cooking party, or Culinary Team Building experience is an amazing one.

See you in the kitchen,
Chef Malcolm